Rye Country Day is a coeducational, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Twelve, independent day school that offers faculty a very competitive compensation and benefits package, including extensive support for professional development. For all teaching positions, a bachelor's degree is required, and an advanced degree is preferred. Candidates should have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience. We encourage a diverse pool of candidates to apply.

Rye Country Day School is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all federal, state, and local laws which prohibit discrimination in employment because of race, color, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and veteran status.

Current Openings

P.E. Teacher and Coach


  • Teaching physical education, grades K-12
  • Coaching Middle School
  • Coaching 2 seasons at the varsity level (Ability to be a Head Coach)
  • Possibility of extra responsibility as PE Coordinator K-12


  • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education required, Master’s preferred
  • 3-5 years teaching experience
  • Ability to be a Head Varsity Coach of at least 1 sport.
  • Good communication skills with students, faculty, administrators, and parents
  • Works collaboratively with others in implementing a well-balanced physical education program.
  • Ability to analyze, demonstrate, and explain basic skills, knowledge, and strategies of formal sports, games, rhythms, and fundamentals of body movement.
  • Strong motivational and organizational skills.
  • Provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil, to the extent feasible.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Patience, sense of humor, flexibility and the ability to relate to students K-12.

Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows

For a general description of the Fellowship Program, including program design and benefits, please download this flier.

Application Instructions

  1. Please forward the following items to Mr. Ali Morgan, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, by March 31:
    • College transcript
    • Two letters of recommendation (one from a college professor or advisor)
    • Updated resume
  1. Please answer the following questions (in a Word document) and email the document as an attachment to employment@ryecountryday.org by March 31:
    • Why are you interested in the teaching profession
    • What age groups are you most comfortable teaching and why?
    • In what subject or discipline do you wish to pursue a Teaching Fellowship? Describe any relevant background (undergraduate training, prior teaching experience, etc.) you have in this area.
    • What do you hope to gain from an RCDS Teaching Fellowship?

Application Timeline

  • March 31- Completed applications must be received in order for a candidate to be considered for an interview.
  • April - On-campus interviews
  • May - Notification of decisions

Lower School Teaching Assistants

The role of Assistant Teacher is designed to give a beginning teacher an apprenticeship opportunity of one to two years in a classroom with a Lead Teacher as mentor. While the Lead Teacher is ultimately responsible for the overall program and the successful operation of the classroom, the Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher together form a collaborative unit that works in concert in the best interests of their students. Some of the key expectations of the Assistant Teacher are as follows:

  • Assist the Lead Teacher with planning for the different class activities. This usually involves at least two “planning” periods during the week.
  • Assume responsibility for instructional planning, implementation, and assessment under the direction of the Lead Teacher.
  • Work with small groups in activities under the Lead Teacher’s supervision.
  • Help children on an individual basis with academic, social, and emotional support and with following directions.
  • Plan and conduct class meetings under the direction of the Lead Teacher.
  • Provide support to the Lead Teacher and give clerical assistance in reviewing student work and in copying and laminating materials for the classroom; with Lead Teacher, assemble instructional materials and prepare display and bulletin board spaces.
  • Help to prepare the classroom prior to the opening of school in the fall, and attend the parent orientation evening and “Back to School Night.”
  • Assist the Lead Teacher in preparing written reports and conducting parent conferences.
  • Maintain positive relationships with colleagues and parents; contribute in a supportive manner to the life of the community; treat information related to students as strictly confidential.
  • Attend all meetings called by the Headmaster as well as all division and grade level meetings.
  • Utilize release time and financial support to attend workshops, conferences, and other professional growth opportunities as approved the Lower School Principal and the Headmaster.
  • Share responsibilities for the Primary Bus Duty, Afternoon Waiting Rooms, Morning Greeters; help with dismissal at the end of the day.

To apply for any of these open positions, please email a current resume and cover letter to employment@ryecountryday.org.

Benefits Overview

What do current faculty say about working at RCDS?

Mary Marcell, Head, Music Department

I teach at Rye Country Day because I get to realize so many of my musical and pedagogical visions. Rye Country Day School has supported me in so many creative projects. I feel that I've been offered tremendous freedom to program repertoire and realize my musical projects... As for professional development, RCDS has supported me in vastly different types of study: from American Choral Directors conferences to a workshop at the Oregon Bach Festival to African drumming workshops to private voice lessons. I know of no school more supportive of professional development and more understanding of the profound effect of personal growth on one's teaching. I also really enjoy the students here at RCDS. In some schools, students are pigeonholed into single areas of interest: "scholars" or "musicians" or "athletes." Here, students participate across all sorts of complementary and contrasting programs. For example, the captain of the football team might easily also be a member of choir and do extensive volunteer work. This translates into teaching really interesting students. We spend a good deal of time with our students, and it's fun to teach such great people.

Ileana Hernandez Carafas, Upper School Spanish

While every day brings challenges to the classroom, some that are new and exciting and others that require a traditional approach, I am secure in the knowledge that my efforts are respected and appreciated. At RCDS, I have the freedom to be creative and autonomous with the complete endorsement of both the administration and my colleagues. I find great encouragement to pursue my interests in art and diversity, as well as furthering my own education and professional growth. Most important for me is that, although my days are filled with the demands of teaching, the moments spent in conversation with a student outside of the classroom are the true rewards.

Aundrea Smith, Grade Four Teacher

When I had the opportunity to enter Rye Country Day School for the first time, I witnessed a strong unified community. As I observed the teachers in action, I saw a great deal of support and motivation, not only from teacher to student, but also from teacher to teacher. Coming to work every day is a pleasure because I know I am not alone. My colleagues continue to share and learn wonderful tools that help them not only become better educators, but also help those around them thrive. I get so much joy out of teaching; working at RCDS I am surrounded by a school culture that represents individuals who feel the same joy that I do.

Debra Simpson, Lower School

I am the Lower School science teacher for pre-kindergarten through fourth grade at Rye Country Day School, have been here for many years now, and have LOVED every moment of my teaching career here. Before becoming part of the RCDS family, I taught for ten years in different states, at different schools, and at different grade levels. Of all my teaching experiences, I have found this school the most supportive, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I daily have the opportunity to work both with colleagues who are eager to collaborate and enrich students' learning and with an administration that supports my curriculum decisions. Personally, I feel uplifted, valued, and constantly intellectually stimulated by the entire RCDS community.