A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester, New York

Employee Directory

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Emily Abatecola

Marketing and Website Coordinator

Dania Abu-Shaheen

Editorial Director
Administration, Staff, Marketing/Communications

Sonya Amon

Upper School Administrative Assistant
Staff, Upper School

Alin Andrei

Physical Education Teacher; Coach
Lower School, Physical Education/Athletics, Middle School, Upper School

Jay Araque

Buildings and Grounds

Julianne Arcamone

Assistant Teacher, Lower School
Lower School

Laura Autera

Accounts Payable
Business Office, Staff

Joanne Aventuro

Teacher, Grade 3
Lower School

Kristin Bainbridge

Lower School Admissions Screener

John Barbella

Buildings and Grounds

Kelly Ann Barker

Lower School Psychologist
Lower School, Student Support Services

Baptiste Bataille

French Teacher, Upper School
Modern Languages, Upper School

Jeffrey Bates

Director of College Counseling; Dean, Grade 12
Administration, College Counseling, Upper School

Lauren Behar

Art Teacher, Lower School
Art, Lower School

Tatum Bell

English Teacher, Upper School
English, Upper School

Emily Bennett

Mathematics Teacher, Upper School; Engineering & Robotics
Mathematics, Upper School

Danielle Bensky

Dance Teacher
Middle School, Upper School, Drama and Dance

Marcie Berger

Mathematics Teacher, Upper School
Mathematics, Upper School

Angie Bilotta

Administrative Assistant, Facilities
Buildings and Grounds

Catherine Bischoff

Director of STEAM; Science Teacher, Upper School
Lower School, Science, Middle School, Upper School

Virginia Black

Language Arts Teacher, Middle School
English, Middle School

Karen Blacks

Operations Manager
Buildings and Grounds

Mark Bortner

Science Teacher, Middle School
Science, Middle School

Angelo Bove

Science Teacher, Upper School
Science, Upper School

Kaitlin Boyer

Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
Staff, Marketing/Communications

Lorraine Brimat-Smith

Administrative Assistant, Middle School
Staff, Middle School

Shanitra Brinson

Athletics Teaching Fellow and Coach

Kimberley Brush

Extended Day Assistant; LS Division Substitute
Lower School

Sean Buchanan

Maintenance and HVAC
Buildings and Grounds

Craig Burt

Science Teacher, Upper School
Science, Upper School

Keith Burton

Piano Teacher; Accompanist

Pilar Bustamante

Spanish Teacher, Middle School
Modern Languages, Middle School
1 2 3 8 > showing 1 - 32 of 231 constituents