A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester, New York

Employee Directory

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Karen Cosgrove

Teacher, Grade 2
Lower School

Peter Coulianos

Music Teacher, Middle School & Upper School
Music, Middle School, Upper School

Darien Cruté

Computer Science Department Chair; Computer Science Teacher, Upper School
Computer Science, Upper School

Stephanie Cummins

Assistant to the Head of School; Registrar

Sarah Danziger

Department Chair, Classics; Latin Teacher, Upper School
Classics, Upper School

Francesca Davia

Teacher, Kindergarten
Lower School

Susan Davidson

Associate Director of College Counseling; Dean, Grade 12
College Counseling

Meredith deChabert

Assistant Head of School for Academic Programs; Interim Upper School Principal
Administration, Upper School

Erielle DeJesus

School Nurse, Staff

Sara della Posta

French Horn and Piano Teacher

Beatrice DeSabatino

Latin Teacher, Middle School
Classics, Middle School

Margie DeStaso-Fazulak

Human Resources and Payroll Manager
Business Office, Staff

Jennifer DeVito

Librarian, Upper School
Library, Upper School

Erin Dolan

Art Teacher, Upper School
Art, Upper School

Carrie Donahue

Counselor, Middle School
Student Support Services, Middle School

Giovanni D'Onza

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Physical Education

Jennifer Doran

Dean, Grade 9; Science Teacher, Upper School & Middle School
Science, Middle School, Upper School

Courtney Doucette

Interim Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
Admissions, Humanities/Social Studies, Staff, Upper School

Rebecca Drago

Director of Public Purpose
Administration, Public Purpose

Eric Drotch

Department Chair, Art; Art Teacher, Upper School
Art, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School

Patrick Early

Staff, Buildings and Grounds

Clematis Everett

Dean, Grade 9; Humanities Teacher, Upper School
Humanities/Social Studies, Upper School

Katy Everett

English Teacher, Upper School
English, Upper School

Tameka Farrell

Science Department Chair; Science Teacher, Upper School
Science, Upper School

Lawrence Faucett

Percussion Teacher

Anthony Felice

Physical Education Teacher; Coach; Fitness Center Supervisor
Physical Education

Laura Festo

Teacher, Pre-K
Lower School

Morgan Fitzpatrick

Administrative Assistant, Admissions Office
Admissions, Staff

Don Fitz-Roy

Computer Science Teacher, Middle School
Computer Science, Middle School

Charlotte Fleischman

Class of 2016
Assistant Teacher, Lower School
Lower School

John Flynn

Department Chair, Humanities, Grades 5-12; Humanities Teacher, Upper School
Humanities/Social Studies, Upper School

Sarah Flynn

Latin Teacher, Upper School & Middle School
Classics, Upper School
< 1 2 3 4 7 > showing 33 - 64 of 209 constituents