Teaching Fellows Program

The Teaching Fellows Program at Rye Country Day School is a one- or two-year commitment designed for well-qualified college graduates. It provides aspiring teachers of color with the opportunity to work in Rye Country Day’s Upper, Middle, or Lower School while earning a Master's degree.

Valuable Experience

In the Lower School, Fellows work primarily in grades 2-4 with lead teachers and/or special area teachers. In the Middle and Upper Schools, Fellows work within a chosen discipline and gain experience working with various grade levels in their subject area.

Fellows are full participants in the classroom experience, gaining firsthand knowledge in curriculum development, classroom management, lesson planning, time management, and other areas of teaching.

Each Fellow is an integral part of student evaluations and staff meetings. Regularly scheduled meetings with a mentor, the Director of Diversity, and the Assistant Head of School provide guidance for professional growth.

Tailored Program Design

Each Fellow’s program is unique, designed at the beginning of the first year according to the Fellow’s interests and in conjunction with the mentor(s), Principal, Assistant Head of School, and Director of Diversity. The second year program is designed after the first year.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is February 1, 2019.

For more information

Please contact Mr. Ali Morgan, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at employment@ryecountryday.org.

Excellent Benefits

During the paid fellowship, tuition for graduate studies is fully funded. Fellows also are eligible for benefits, including medical and dental insurance, coaching stipends, faculty professional development grants, and laptop computer subsidies. On-campus housing also may be available.

How to apply


  1. Please forward the following items to Mr. Ali Morgan, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, via email to employment@ryecountryday.org by February 1, 2019:
    1. College transcript
    2. Two letters of recommendation (one from a college professor or advisor)
    3. Updated resume
  2. Please answer the following questions (in a separate Word document) and email the document as an attachment to employment@ryecountryday.org by February 1, 2019:
    1. Why are you interested in the teaching profession?
    2. What age groups are you most comfortable teaching and why?
    3. In what subject or discipline do you wish to pursue a Teaching Fellowship? Describe any relevant background (undergraduate training, prior teaching experience, etc.) you have in this area.
    4. What do you hope to gain from an RCDS Teaching Fellowship?


February 1

Completed applications must be received in order for a candidate to be considered for an interview


On-campus interviews

April 1

Notification of decisions