Scott A. Nelson, M.S.

Scott Nelson is a graduate of Brown University and Fordham University's School of Education. He is a former trustee of Bronx Preparatory Charter School, a former trustee of the New York State Association of Independent Schools, and past chairman of the NYSAISAA Athletic Executive Committee. Mr. Nelson has served as headmaster at Rye Country Day since 1993.


Assistant Head of School
Middle School Principal

Meredith deChabert, Ph. D.

Interim Upper School Principal

Jon Leef, M.A.

Lower School Principal

Barbara Shea, M.A.T.


Director of Admissions

Matthew Suzuki, M.Ed, M.A.

Director of Athletics & Physical Education

Wendy Jo Haft, M.S.

Director of College Counseling

Jeffrey Bates, M.A.

Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

Lynette Gioffre, M.Ed.

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Alikhan Morgan, M.S. Ed.

Director of Finance

Bob Brody, C.P.A., B.A.

Director of Information Technology; Database/Network Administrator

Andrew Gillies, B.A.

Director of the Institute for Innovative Teaching and Learning; Director of Marketing and Communications

Eliza McLaren, M.A., M.Ed.

Director of Public Purpose

Rebecca Drago, M. Ed.

Director of Student Support Services

Debra Pager, Ph.D.

Director of Sustainability

Kerry Linderoth, M.A.

Board of Trustees

Andrea Sullivan

Vice President
Nina Cheigh

Gregg Felton

Blanca Hirani

Lisa Allen
Brad Asness
Ashok Chachra ’95
Hillary Comora ’91
Tyler Dickson
Sarah Dodds-Brown ’91
Edward Dunn ’83
William Featherston
Michelle Kroin
Michael Lazar '87
Laura Mattson
Eric Medow
Blair Endresen Metrailler '96
Dennis Parker ’73
Juan Pujadas
Jonathan Resnick ’85
Fernando Rivas
Cindy G. Roskind ’90
Vik Sawhney
Birgit Townley
Andrew Wallach

Alumni Board President

Scott Weiss '96

Parents Association President
Lea Stevens

Trustees Emeriti
Mr. Frederick A. Klingenstein (1968-1981) (TE 1990)
Ms. Carmen Ribera-Thain ‘75 (1998-2004) (TE 2004)
Mr. Edward B. Dunn (1979-1993) (TE 2014)
Mr. Michael C. Murr (1989-1997) (TE 2014)
Mr. Edgar Wachenheim III (1983-1993) (TE 2014)

School leadership