Alumni Return to Reflect on RCDS Experiences

Thank you to RCDS alumni Hugh Reynolds '16, Hanna Kopits '17, Charlotte Fleischman '16, CeCe Payne '17, Nicole Reindel '16, and Jarvy O'Neill '17 for returning to campus to meet with prospective families.

As RCDS students, each took full advantage of the many opportunities offered on campus to uncover their passions. They spoke about how they have carried these passions - for Chinese, drama, French, singing, athletics, writing, leadership, etc. - to college and beyond. The young alumni also spoke about how the transition to college was made easier because of their RCDS experiences developing mentorship relationships with teachers, learning how to study effectively, how to write, and how to self-advocate. The alumni spoke, most of all, about the influence of RCDS faculty who coupled their high expectations with their belief in each student's capacity. It was wonderful to have these young alumni back on campus, to hear about the ways RCDS has left a lasting mark on their lives, and to see the many ways they are carrying what they learned at RCDS into their futures.