Citizenship Spotlight: RCDS Freshman Named Greenlight Award Finalist

Freshman Peter Nicholas competed in the first round of the Bedford 2020 Greenlight Award competition, a program that provides students with a framework, support, and incentives to create sustainable initiatives. His project "Change the World one Meal at a Time" was chosen as one of seven finalists out of 19 teams. Throughout the course of the year, Peter will lead a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of eating meat on the environment. On April 8, Peter will present his results for the opportunity to win the Greenlight Award. Congratulations and good luck, Peter!

Connections to RCDS Learning Goals:


  • Examine local and global issues.
  • Are changemakers.
  • Seek solutions and take bold action to address societal needs and issues.
  • Are committed to justice and social and environmental responsibility.