Citizenship Spotlight: Students Attend Discussion on Forces Behind Migration

Thank you to Richard Brown who joined students and faculty for a lunch time discussion titled "The Forces Behind Migration from Central America". Rich's presentation draws on years of community work with groups in Guatemala to explore the motivations that compel people to migrate, the dangers they face, and the social, economic, and historical factors that have led to recent waves of migration. Rich has lived in Guatemala since 2013 and edits the website of EntreMundos Magazine, a bilingual human rights and development publication that focuses on grassroots activism. Thank you to the Global Studies initiative and the student clubs, Students for Refugees and Political Forum, for collaborating to bring this presentation to RCDS.

Connections to RCDS Learning Goals:


  • Examine local and global issues.
  • Seek solutions and take bold action to address societal needs and issues.
  • Are committed to justice and social and environmental responsibility.