Knowledge Spotlight: Climate Reality Project

The Upper School Environmental Club hosted Lew Blaustein of the Climate Reality Project. Senior Warren Kennedy-Nolle reported: "From charts illustrating the prospect of hotter futures to interactive graphics capturing extreme precipitation events, the presentation painted a stark picture of the global disruption caused by climate change while making a call to action to the next generation. In this regard, Mr. Blaustein was optimistic, encouraging his audience to alter their former biases towards climate change and view the problem as one that had the potential to offer new jobs for millenials. This talk connected nicely to the AP Environmental Science curriculum, drawing upon topics such as the hydrologic cycle, externalities, global change, endangered species, and human impact on the natural world."

Thank you to Mr. Blaustein!

Connections to RCDS Learning Goals:

  • Understand accepted theories and facts.
  • Synthesize new information with prior knowledge to draw connections, form new ideas, and adjust understandings.
  • Are committed to justice and social and environmental responsibility.