Skills Spotlight: Lower School Mindfulness Toolkits

As part of the School's continued commitment to excellent and innovative approaches to education, as well as overall student balance and wellness, every Lower School classroom is now equipped with a mindfulness toolkit. Lower School teachers Sandy Castagna and Monique Caterina developed the mindfulness toolkits and, for the last two years, have provided professional development training to faculty in all three divisions around teaching mindfulness to students.

The toolkits contain a variety of items including yoga and mindfulness game cards, stacking stones, worry gems, and mindfulness apps such as "Calm" and "Insight Timer." The kits also provide meditation, breathing, stretching, focusing, and calming activities, which contribute to a positive classroom environment supportive of social and emotional well-being.

Research shows that mindfulness practices decrease stress, attention deficit issues, depression, anxiety, and anger, while also benefiting health, well-being, social relations, and academic performance. By training children in the art of concentration and self-awareness, not only are they happier, but they are also able to achieve more.

Connections to RCDS Learning Goals:


  • Engage in the active process of making choices that lead to physical and emotional wellness.
  • Develop strategies for practicing mindfulness, managing stress, and controlling impulse.
  • Find beauty and joy in the world.