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Students Attend Clinical Programs at White Plains Hospital

Photo and text contributions by Isabella Dartnell '20

RCDS Upper School students took advantage of two programs offered by White Plains Hospital designed to provide hands-on experience in a variety of healthcare careers.

Isabella Dartnell '20, Ariane Voulgaris '20, and Caroline Geller '20 participated in the White Plains Hospital Clinical Tutorial Program. During this semester-long educational course, they met doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other clinical staff. They toured the emergency room, explored the medical simulation room used to train medical staff, and learned about the machines and technology available in the radiology lab. Hands-on learning included how to use a harmonic scalpel by cutting and cauterizing raw chicken, how to intubate with a laryngoscope, and how to suture using a rubber template. They also practiced cauterizing with a grapefruit and administered an epidural to a pineapple.

In another wing of White Plains Hospital, Yuto Abe '22, Tess Asness '20, Sofia Bolger '21, Kathryn Farrell '21, and Philip Kimmel '21 participated in a two-day workshop on robotic technology where they learned about the history of robotic surgery and the process of preparing the robot for surgery. The highlight of the program was using the da Vinci robot to simulate surgery and stitching. Reflecting on the experience, Yuto Abe explained, "[The simulations] allowed me to get a sense of how these robots function and how it can be different from a surgeon using only his bare hands when operating."