Executive Functioning Skills in Middle School

Metacognition. Task Initiation. Time Management. These are a few of the topics covered during a sixth grade combined SEEK and Study Skills session focused on Executive Functioning (EF) Skills for academic and social/emotional success. Grades 7 & 8 Dean and Director of the Middle School Study Skills Program Ellen Cartwright and Middle School Counselor Carrie Donahue co-led the sessions, where students identified their greatest strengths and then shared their best EF strategies with one another. The activity empowered students with the knowledge and skills to manage their time and projects as well as the self awareness of how they work best and what aspects of their schedules and work styles they can adjust to create optimal conditions in school and beyond.

The full list of Executive Functioning (EF) Skills covered during the session included: Flexibility, Goal Directed Persistence, Metacognition, Planning and Prioritizing, Response Inhibition, Sustained Attention, Task Initiation, Time Management, Working Control, Working Memory

During these EF lessons, the sixth graders do the most fascinating detective work, digging into their own best strategies, tools, and life hacks for better academic and social/emotional success. We also connect this learning to health and wellness, highlighting the link between the practice of these skills and an increased sense of feeling more grounded and balanced. It's a fantastic dive into the metacognitive process. - Carrie Donahue, Middle School Counselor