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Skills Spotlight: Grade 4 Book Tasting Instills Strong Reading Habits and a Love of Books

Reading is on the menu! Fourth graders recently participated in a book tasting, where they sampled a number of works and wrote down their thoughts on each one. A fun way to help RCDS students become lifelong, avid readers.

Describing the activity and their broader reading curriculum, Grade 4 Teachers Stacy Kaufman, Caryn Olson, and Nicole Leath share, "In fourth grade we have a rich reading curriculum that aims to instill strong reading habits and comprehension skills. None of that can happen if we don't create a classroom community that fosters a passion for books and a clear love of reading. The book tasting was a great way to build our students' enthusiasm about reading and remind them that just as we transformed ourselves into patrons of a restaurant, books have the power to transform us as readers!"