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Skills Spotlight: Headmaster Scott Nelson Visits Upper School Public Speaking Classes

Upper School students in Mr. Gerlach's Public Speaking classes got a special treat this week. Headmaster Scott Nelson dropped in to talk about his personal experience with speaking in front of audiences small and large. Mr. Nelson clarified that while public speaking may not come naturally to all of us, it can be mastered by practice and experience. He shared helpful tips like writing notecards and taking pauses while being aware of the tricky perception of time moving quickly when speaking to a crowd—at a podium, ten seconds can feel like five minutes, but don't worry! The discussion taught students that self-awareness and knowledge about one's audience are key to delivering an engaging speech. Students asked Mr. Nelson which audience is his favorite to address. He smiled and shared that each audience has interesting attributes but that Kindergartners definitely have the best questions. "You never know what to expect!"