A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester County, New York

Middle School Curriculum Guide


The Middle School mathematics program serves as a bridge between the heterogeneous groupings of the Lower School and the multiple levels of subject instruction of the Upper School. In each class, teachers provide students with opportunities to communicate mathematically through participation in discussions and problem solving sessions, and work progresses at a pace designed so that all students can learn at a comfortable rate and find success. Technology enhances every class, with SMARTBoards, iPads, Desmos software for graphing, and laptops providing students with various methods of acquiring mathematical knowledge and discovering its applications. The Middle School program strives to develop a solid foundation in mathematics and a lifelong love for learning. As a result, students develop a curiosity about the mathematical world around them. Teachers evaluate student progress and adjust the program as necessary. In addition to traditional forms of assessment, teachers evaluate involvement, creativity, and eagerness for mental challenge.