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Middle School Curriculum Guide

Modern Languages: French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish

The ability to communicate effectively with others on a global scale is essential. In keeping with the School’s mission, the Modern Languages Department strives to maximize our students’ potential for being well informed and globally minded individuals who are sensitive to and respectful of diverse cultures. The study of another language is a joyous, lifelong journey, and we aim to instill a love of languages that inspires students, stimulates their curiosity, broadens their view of the world, and enhances their creativity. The Department’s program challenges our students to reach their maximum potential within a nurturing and supportive environment. 

We consider immersion crucial in developing fluent communication skills and in facilitating an innate sensibility toward other cultures. From the beginning, teachers and students interact in the classroom almost exclusively in the target language, and students are exposed to regional variations in pronunciation, vocabulary, and idioms. Middle School classes are paired with Upper School Oral Proficiency Interns, students trained in the Rassias method, who lead engaging oral drills for additional practice with vocabulary and grammar as directed by the classroom teacher. We monitor our students’ progress through observation, participation, performance in activities, and on written, aural, and spoken assessments. Special care is given to follow a developmentally appropriate progression that leads to ever-increasing confidence and skill in the language.

Fifth Grade Modern Languages


Mandarin Chinese