Student Support

Young people growing up in today’s society are faced with an array of personal and academic issues that can impact overall performance in a school setting.

Director of Student Support Services
Debra Pager, Ph.D.

In all divisions

Students are supported both emotionally and academically by:

  • Faculty
  • Homeroom Teachers
  • Principal/Assistant Principal
  • Advisors
  • Learning Specialists
  • Grade-level Deans
  • Health Educators
  • Counselors
  • Our Full-time College Counselors

Learning Specialists

At every grade level, faculty are sensitive to the variety of learning styles and the potential for learning differences that may require support beyond the classroom. Learning specialists in each division support students to develop specific skills and strategies to meet learning standards and expectations. Such support might involve testing and/or consultation by professionals outside the School. In all cases, the learning specialist is not a crutch but a means to enable students to work on their own.

Non-Academic Support

Counseling for non-academic issues is also available in the three divisions of the School. A part-time psychologist and two social workers provide short-term counseling to students and families. A consulting psychiatrist is also available.

Overall, the School’s counseling staff consults with administrators, faculty, students, and parents about developmental, behavioral, and emotional issues that affect the progress of the students and the well being of the community.

Counselors :

  • Provide individual short-term counseling
  • Provide referrals to professional resources outside of school
  • Collaborate with and supporting teachers and advisors
  • Support families in crisis
  • Plan student/parent programming related to the appropriate developmental stage of the student