The Upper School is a vital and exciting educational environment that balances excellent academics with a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Classes, sports, arts, student-directed clubs, and more all co-exist on our campus. Each passion or interest brings something different to this dynamic balance.

Upper School Principal
Jon Leef

Our Philosophy

The Upper School community exists to create an atmosphere in which the best teaching and learning take place. We are committed to the following:

  • respect for each other and our differences
  • courtesy towards one another
  • responsibility for the institution
  • academic integrity
  • personal honesty
  • pursuit of personal best

As students, faculty, and parents we must cooperate to achieve these goals; therefore, support and acceptance of the school's ground rules, in both letter and spirit, are essential.


At the core sits an accomplished student body that strives to challenge itself academically. Students come to Rye Country Day School knowing that we take our coursework seriously and strive for success. In this process, teachers and advisors are eager to help along the way, offering excellent classroom teaching, important individual attention, and ongoing academic counseling as students excel in their courses and look ahead to the future.

Extra Curricular

Complementing this important academic center is a vast array of extra-curricular activities, and all students are encouraged to participate in the arenas that interest them. Sports, drama, music, art, and over forty clubs add to the extra-curricular life each and every day. One of the exciting components of Rye Country Day School is that students do not feel the need to specialize: Physicists sing in the choir, football players have leads in the musical, there is not a separate set of students for each activity, and the community benefits from this overlap of student participation.

Student Support

As the faculty and administration encourage all Upper School students to excel inside the classroom and beyond, each student has access to many layers of support and advice. Teachers are available for extra help, students have academic advisors, each grade has a Dean, and we have three college counselors for a graduating class of approximately 90 students. Upper School students refer often to the supportive, comfortable, and caring environment of RCDS, commenting that it is there when needed but not oppressive in nature.

Upper School