Tuition & Financial Aid

2018-2019 School Year

Pre-Kindergarten - $26,300
Kindergarten - Grade 3 - $37,300
Grade 4 - $37,600
Grades 5-6 - $38,900
Grades 7-8 - $40,800
Grades 9-12 - $43,200

2018-2019 Fees

Books and Instructional Materials

Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4 - $410
Grade 5 - $650
Grades 6-8 - $700
Grades 9-12 - as incurred

Trips and Activities

Pre-Kindergarten - $250
Kindergarten - Grade 4 - $300
Grades 5-12 - as incurred

Lunch (optional)

Kindergarten - Grade 4: $1,020
Grades 5-12 - $1,140


Three tuition (including lunch fee) payment schedules are available:

  1. One payment due July 1
  2. Two payments: 50% by July 1 and 50% by January 1
  3. Ten payments: June 1 through March 1, with one-time $250 fee to be added to the enrollment deposit.

Financial Aid


Financial Aid
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Applying for
Financial Aid (SSS)
How To Apply for
Financial Aid (SSS)
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4506-T for 1040

* Form 4506-T: Please complete lines #1-4, sign but do not date Form 4506-T. Mail a hard copy of the form directly to RCDS (attention Courtney Doucette) by December 15.


Rye Country Day School is eager to encourage all qualified students to apply to the school. We are actively committed to maintaining a school community of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences and our extensive financial aid program helps to make a Rye Country Day education accessible for those who demonstrate financial need. RCDS grants approximately $5.6 million in financial aid to 16 percent of the student body.

The Rye Country Day School Financial Aid Program uses School and Student Services (SSS) to establish financial need. Parents of financial aid applicants need to complete the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) using the RCDS code 6208. (In the case of divorced or separated parents, the equivalent form from the non-custodial parent must be submitted as well.) The School also requires that applicants submit a copy of all federal IRS forms filed in the previous year as well as the most recent W2 forms. For more information about SSS, call 800-344-8328 or visit their website at Required forms must be submitted by December 15. If a student is accepted, financial aid responses will accompany admissions decisions.

Financial aid funds come directly from the resources of the School, and student awards consider the entire expense of attending RCDS. This factors in "extra" costs such as lunch, books, and other expenses. Furthermore, all financial aid students in Grades 7-12 (regardless of the grant size) receive a new laptop computer from the school as part of their financial aid package. RCDS also supports the cost of school-related trips for financial aid students at the same percentage as their financial aid award for tuition.

If you are interested in pursuing a financial aid application at RCDS, please be sure to mark the appropriate box on the Online Admissions Application. You can also access a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding financial aid. RCDS usually allocates its financial aid budget for new students by mid-February, and the granting of aid after this date is subject to availability of funds.

While we fund students from all three divisions, the majority of the grants are given to Middle and Upper School students. There are limited funds for Lower School students and no financial funds available for Pre-Kindergarten.

Questions about financial aid? Please visit Admissions FAQ or contact Courtney Doucette, Financial Aid Officer, at 914-925-4542 or

tuition & financial aid