A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester County, New York

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for 2024-25

Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4: $49,000
Grades 5-8: $51,700
Grades 9-12: $55,600

Lunch is included with tuition.

Estimated Fees for 2024-25

Over the course of the year, additional expenses do arise. In an effort to help families plan, here is an estimate of significant fees that may arise over the course of the school year. Please note: families who receive financial aid for tuition also receive aid at the same percentage as the student's financial aid grant. 

Affording an RCDS Education

Rye Country Day School's extensive financial aid program is core to who we are. The school grants approximately $7 million in need-based financial aid. 16% of students at RCDS receive financial aid, with average grants covering more than 80% of tuition and fees.

RCDS offers financial aid to qualifying families with students entering Kindergarten through Grade 12. Our financial aid program is need-based, which means the School does not offer academic, athletic, or merit-based scholarships of any kind. Financial aid is granted to families of qualified admissions candidates who demonstrate financial need.

The amount of financial aid each family receives is determined based on a third-party assessment of how much each family can reasonably be expected to contribute towards their children's education. Grants range from a partial to full (100% tuition and fees covered) depending on each family's need.

Financial Aid Program Benefits and Supports

Below is a sample, but not an exhaustive list, of benefits and supports for families that receive financial aid. All items are billed at the same percentage as the family’s financial aid grant unless otherwise indicated. In order to preserve confidentiality, billing is sent from the Student Billing Manager through the RCDS Business Office.

All Students Who Receive Financial Aid

  • Academic books required for classes
  • Required summer reading books
  • Lunch
  • The cost of curricular trips
  • Academic tutoring assistance 
  • Additional support services 
  • Voice and music lessons
  • RCDS mini camp or sports camp in June 
  • RCDS sports clinic 
  • Credit for book purchases at the Book Fair
  • Spirit wear credit to use online or in the Wildcat Den
  • School yearbook photography package

Why is the financial aid program so important to RCDS?

  1. We believe that a socio-economically diverse student-body is a hallmark of a Rye Country Day School education that directly benefits all students.
  2. We believe that a child's access to enroll at Rye Country Day School should not be determined on the basis of a family's ability to pay tuition.
  3. Our promise to support and care for every student and family in our school extends to issues around financial aid, which includes but is not limited to tuition grants. We ensure that students who receive financial aid are able to participate fully in the life of the school.

RCDS is fortunate to have the support of alumni, parents, and benefactors who believe in the critical importance of a robust financial aid program. As a result, the school has built an endowment of approximately $74.3 million. In addition, the School relies on roughly $4.3 million each year in annual fund contributions. Tuition derived income covers 85.6% of the School's operating expenses. The funding derived through annual giving and from interest earned on the endowment closes the gap between that 86.5% and the full cost of operating the school.

16% of the RCDS student body receives need-based financial aid. 

Average grants cover approximately 80% of tuition and fees.

Financial aid grants total $7 million. 

Financial aid grants support full participation in the school, not just tuition.

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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Please indicate on your application for admission that you are interested in applying for financial aid (this will automatically waive RCDS' application fee).
To apply for financial aid, we ask that parents/guardians complete a financial aid application through Clarity, an external organization that assists with determining families' financial need. 
Please note: The financial aid process and the admissions process are separate. You will receive notification at the same time of both the admissions decision and your family's financial aid grant.

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