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Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid Overview

Rye Country Day School is eager to encourage all qualified students to apply to the School. We are actively committed to maintaining a school community of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and our extensive financial aid program helps to make a Rye Country Day education accessible for those who demonstrate financial need. RCDS grants approximately $6.7 million in financial aid to 16 percent of the student body.

The Rye Country Day School financial aid program uses School and Student Services (SSS) to establish financial need. Parents of financial aid applicants need to complete the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) using the RCDS code 6208. (In the case of divorced or separated parents, the equivalent form from the non-custodial parent must be submitted as well.) The School also requires that applicants submit a copy of all federal IRS forms filed in the previous year, as well as the most recent W2 forms. For more information about SSS, call 800-344-8328 or visit their website. Required forms must be submitted by December 15. If a student is accepted, financial aid responses will accompany admissions decisions.

Financial aid funds come directly from the resources of the School, and student grants consider the entire expense of attending RCDS. This factors in "extra" costs such as lunch, books, and other expenses. Furthermore, all students that receive financial aid in Grades 7-12 (regardless of the grant size) receive a new laptop computer from the School as part of their financial aid package. RCDS also supports the cost of school-related trips for students that receive financial aid at the same percentage as their financial aid grant for tuition.

If you are interested in pursuing a financial aid application at RCDS, please be sure to mark the appropriate box on the Online Admissions Application. RCDS usually allocates its financial aid budget for new students by early-February, and the granting of aid after this date is subject to availability of funds.

While we fund students from all three divisions, the majority of the grants are given to Middle and Upper School students. There are limited funds for Lower School students, and no financial funds available for Pre-Kindergarten students.

Financial Aid Process for New Applicants

  1. Complete the PFS online through the SSS website by December 15, 2022. The SSS database will open in early October. Because of the early timing, families need to estimate both years of income (2022 & 2023) that are requested on this form.
  2. Families must also upload copies of the most recent federal tax forms (2021) and W-2s (2021) to the SSS website by December 15, 2022. Applicants are required to submit all forms and schedules that they file in a given year, including returns for individual children.
  3. Grants are made by RCDS with the stipulation that all numbers will be verified with tax material from the current year as the information becomes available. Families are also required to upload their 2022 W2's (as soon as available) and 2022 Form 1040's (no later than 4/15/23)* to the SSS website.
  4. Families may be requested by the Financial Aid Committee to supply additional documentation and/or have personal meetings as needed. The Financial Aid Office will print necessary copies of documents for the applicants file. All files and documents are kept secured and are strictly confidential.
  5. The School distributes financial aid grants simultaneously with admissions acceptances. Families will receive notifications in early-February.

*The Head of School must approve financial aid grants, if there is an IRS tax filing extension until October.

Affording RCDS FAQ


Questions about financial aid? Please contact Dion Reid, Dean of Financial Aid.

Interested in applying for financial aid?

Please indicate on your application for admission that you are interested in applying for financial aid (this will automatically waive RCDS' application fee).
To apply for financial aid, we ask that parents/guardians complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) through School and Student Services, a secure third party used by many independent schools. Please click on the links below for more detailed information about the application process and answers to frequently asked questions

Please note: the financial aid process and the admissions process are separate. You will receive notification at the same time of both the admissions decision and your family's financial aid grant.