Alumni In College

Class of 2019 Matriculation

One attendee unless otherwise indicated

Amherst College
Barnard College
Boston College
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Brown University (3)
Bucknell University (2)
Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western Reserve University
Colgate University (2)
Colorado College
Columbia University
Cornell University (7)
Dartmouth College (3)
Duke University (5)
Franklin and Marshall College
Georgetown University (2)
Hamilton College
Harvard College (3)

Indiana University at Bloomington
Johns Hopkins University
Lehigh University (2)
Loyola Marymount University
New York University (3)

Northeastern University
Northwestern University (2)
Princeton University
Richmond, The American University (UK)
Santa Clara University
Skidmore College
Smith College
Stanford University (2)
Swarthmore College
Syracuse University
Tufts University
Tulane University
Union College
University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Chicago (2)
University of Connecticut
University of Michigan (4)
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania (7)
University of Richmond
University of Rochester
University of Southern California
University of St. Andrews (UK)
University of Texas, Austin
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Vanderbilt University (2)
Vassar College
Wake Forest University (2)
Washington University in St. Louis
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Wheaton College
Williams College
Yale University (3)

Recent Matriculation

Classes of 2015-2019

One attendee unless otherwise indicated

Cornell University (30)
University of Pennsylvania (28)
New York University (18)
Harvard University (17)
Duke University (16)
Brown University (15)
University of Michigan (15)
Colgate University (14)
Georgetown University (14)
Vanderbilt University (14)
Washington University in St. Louis (14)
Bucknell University (10)
Stanford University (10)
University of Southern California (10)
Dartmouth College (9)
Yale University (9)
Northwestern University (8)
University of Chicago (8)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (8)
Wake Forest University (8)
Wesleyan University (8)
Tufts University (7)
University of St. Andrews, UK (7)
Williams College (7)
Boston University (6)
Lafayette College (6)
Tulane University (6)
Amherst College (5)
Columbia University (5)
Franklin and Marshall College (5)
Lehigh University (5)
Middlebury College (5)
Princeton University (5)
Skidmore College (5)
University of Notre Dame (5)
Johns Hopkins University (4)
Rochester Institute of Technology (4)

Southern Methodist University (4)
University of Richmond (4)
Barnard College (3)
Bowdoin College (3)
Colby College (3)
Colorado College (3)
Hamilton College (3)
Syracuse University (3)
Trinity College (3)
University of Miami (3)
University of Virginia (3)
American University (2)
Bard College (2)
Boston College (2)
Carleton College (2)
Carnegie Mellon University (2)
Emory University (2)
Haverford College (2)
Indiana University at Bloomington (2)
Iona College (2)
Muhlenberg College (2)
Occidental College (2)
Pomona College (2)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue (2)
Roger Williams University (2)
Swarthmore College (2)
University of California, Berkeley (2)
University of California, Los Angeles (2)
University of California, Santa Barbara (2)
University of Illinois (2)
University of Rochester (2)
University of Texas, Austin (2)
Wellesley College (2)
Binghamton University
California Institute of the Arts
Case Western Reserve University
Claremont McKenna College

Binghamton University
College of William & Mary
Davidson College
Dickinson College
Emerson College
Fordham University
The George Washington University
Gordon College
Hofstra University
Lasell College
Loyola Marymount University
McGill University (CDN)
Mount Holyoke College
Northeastern University
Ohio Wesleyan University
Pennsylvania State University
Pitzer College
Quinnipiac University
Reed College
Rice University
Richmond University, London (UK)
Santa Clara University
Smith College
SUNY at Albany
SUNY College at Cortland
Trinity College Dublin, IRE
Union College
University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut at Stamford
The University of Edinburgh (UK)
University of Vermont
The University of Warwick, UK
Vassar College
Warren Wilson College
Washington & Lee University
Wheaton College

Alumni Athletes

Class of...


Malcolm Brydson
Football, Union College

Cam Coleman
Football, Columbia University

Owen Coady
Baseball, University of Pennsylvania

Conrad Crakes
Sprint Football, University of Pennsylvania

Franklin Hong
Football, University of Rochester

Allan Houston
Football, Brown University

Justin Mandell
Sprint Football, Cornell University

Nick Owens
Football, Williams College

Mindy Pang
Water Polo, Princeton University

Jane Reynolds
Rowing, University of Pennsylvania

Sabrina Vumbacco
Swimming, Bucknell University


Jackson Broadwolf
Track and Field, Washington University in St. Louis

Daniel De Leon
Track and Field, Occidental College

Will Dodge
Lacrosse, Colby College


Kristen Brown
Softball, Gordon College

Joe Burns
Baseball, University of Chicago

Thomas Chai
Lacrosse, University of Pennsylvania

Evander Jackson
Football, Trinity College

Jared Jones
Football, Amherst College

Catherine Kimmel
Squash, Brown University

Hanna Kopitis
Fencing, Haverford College

Cate Mollerus
Sailing, Yale University

Emily Moran
Basketball, Franklin & Marshall

Obosa Ogbeide
Track and Field, Leigh University

Taylor Regan
Lacrosse, University of Virginia

Enzo Stefanoni
Baseball, Harvard University


Brian Araque
Cross Country, Bard College

Reed Connor
Sprint Football, University of Pennsylvania

Charlotte Cooper
Field Hockey, Williams College

Matthew Farber
Football, Harvard University

Billy Grossman
Football, Occidental College

Melanie Mandell
Softball, Middlebury College

Liz Mastoloni
Soccer, University of Rochester

Jinjer Pearce
Track & Field, Cornell University

Sabrina Piccinini
Track and Field, Franklin and Marshall College

Peter Sanchez
Sprint Football, Cornell University

Carl Shuck
Squash, Williams College

Catherine Walker
Track and Field, Middlebury College

Justin Weissman
Lacrosse, Franklin and Marshall College

Ryan Wolitzer
Football, Duke University

Alumni Athlete Archive

Tara Berger '15
Basketball, Wesleyan University

Christine Campisi '15
Track and Field, Washington University

Emily Duarte '15
Field Hockey, Harvard University

Austin Hearst '15
Tennis, Brown University

Caroline Kimmel '15
Squash, Stanford University

Julia Massaro '15
Lacrosse, Stanford University

Malcolm Nash '15
Crew, Brown University

Emma Santucci '15
Field Hockey, Williams College

Haley Shea '15
Sailing, Georgetown University

Riley van den Broek '15
Lacrosse, Williams College

Zoe Verni '15
Lacrosse, Brown University

Kate Weiss '15
Golf, Amherst College