2018 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees Recognized

We are pleased to announce the School's newest honorees who were inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame on Friday, October 12, 2018 during Wildcat Weekend.

W. Lee Pierson Distinguished Alumni Award

Sarah C. Dodds-Brown '91

Academic/Professional Achievement

Alfred A. Rizzi '82

The Arts

Maria Los Notias '88


Frederick J. Watts '75


Dick Pike H'11

R. Adrian Walters III '91 Memorial Athletic Award

Wallis K. Finger '00

The 1983 Undefeated Championship Boys' Basketball Team:

Coach John Sabia
David Bart '83, Captain
William Cooper '83, Captain
David Miller '83
George Stein '83
Hugh Burns '84
Angelo Fazio '84
Alexander Gardner '84
Glynn Kenny '84 (dec.)
Thomas Kelly '84
Michael Pfeffer '84
Rowland Preston '84
Steven Kornfeld '85
Richard Williams '85