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RAMP Mentoring Program

RAMP: Resilience in Alumni Mentor Partnerships- Connecting RCDS Students of Color with RCDS Alumni of Color. This new program will build meaningful connections between alumni mentors and Upper School students who identify as People of Color (POC). Our Alumni mentors are looking forward to building networks, sharing perspectives and experiences, celebrating successes, and inspiring change in partnership with our students as they learn and grow at RCDS.

Meet some of our Alumni Mentors

Why did you get involved with RAMP?

Cynthia Luo '14

"One of the things I wish I could have had at RCDS was someone who looked like me and..."

Sarah Abreu '12

"As a previous student of color on financial aid at RCDS, I want to help students that may be having a similar experience to mine..."

Suzette Meade '02

"RCDS has been instrumental in my personal and professional development..."

Nicole Granston '96

"Not for Self, but for Service is RCDS's motto. It's also a mantra I believe in..."

Brian Rowe '03

"To provide an outlet for any current RCDS students of color that want to speak about their experiences, challenges, and futures."

Nicole Fanjul '02

"I want to serve as a resource for students of color who may be struggling with the challenges they are facing while trying to thrive academically and socially at RCDS."

Deelan Ayhan '10

"There were times at RCDS where I felt out of place because of where I lived, what my socioeconomic status was, and who I chose to associate with. I would have wanted a program like RAMP..."


If you are interested in becoming a RAMP mentor or have any questions about the program, please contact Melissa Mahoney Wirth ‘97, Manager of Alumni Relations, at melissa_wirth@ryecountryday.org or at 914-925-4525.