A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester County, New York

RAMP Mentoring Program

Connecting RCDS students of color with RCDS alumni of color.
Alumni POC mentors are a valuable resource who provide support, counsel, and community for students of color during their years at RCDS and beyond. Please fill out the form below to submit your application to become a volunteer.

If you are interested in becoming a RAMP mentor or have any questions about the program, please contact Melissa Mahoney Wirth ‘97, Manager of Alumni Relations, at melissa_wirth@ryecountryday.org or at 914-925-4525.

From RAMP Alumni Mentors: Why did you get involved with RAMP?

Renee Wardlaw '04

“I joined RAMP to be a positive influence for a person of color in a majority white environment.” 

Michèle Lallemand Brazil '94

"I joined RAMP as a mentor because I want to make sure every student comes out of RCDS understanding their value to the school."

Cynthia Luo '14

"One of the things I wish I could have had at RCDS was someone who looked like me and could empathize with the complicated experiences of being an Asian American student at RCDS.  I joined RAMP because I wanted to help make this a reality for current students, to serve as a source of support, and to remind them of how they are more than enough just as they are."

Sarah Abreu '12

"As a previous student of color on financial aid at RCDS, I want to help students that may be having a similar experience to mine, navigate the many different areas of their educational and social experiences in high school."

Suzette Meade '02

"RCDS has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. I joined RAMP to give back to students who could benefit from alumni connections and continue to be an engaged advocate for a diverse, equitable and inclusive RCDS community."

Nicole Granston '96

"Not for Self, but for Service is RCDS's motto. It's also a mantra I believe in. As the oldest of five children, mentoring has always come naturally for me and has been a passion of mine throughout my career. I spent six years as a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and till this day continue with the relationships I developed. Navigating high school can be daunting, but there are nuanced issues when attending a private school. I would like to help a student successfully succeed and this is why I joined RAMP."

Brian Rowe '03

"To provide an outlet for any current RCDS students of color that want to speak about their experiences, challenges, and futures."

Ashley Richardson George '04

"Going to RCDS is a unique opportunity that provides its students with an amazing network.  Once you're an adult, you realize how powerful that network can be and the power of the school in the business world. It's important for students to get access to that network sooner and feel empowered from people who look like them. I personally want every student of color to know if they get nothing else they get us to lean on lift them to wherever they need to be."

Nicole Fanjul '02

"I want to serve as a resource for students of color who may be struggling with the challenges they are facing while trying to thrive academically and socially at RCDS."

Deelan Ayhan '10

"There were times at RCDS where I felt out of place because of where I lived, what my socioeconomic status was, and who I chose to associate with. I would have wanted a program like RAMP as a student to meet alumni who understood those visible (and sometimes invisible) challenges I was feeling. Though the real solution still lies in systemic changes to our school to make it a more equitable and safe space for EVERY student, I joined RAMP to provide current students with an opportunity to seek out those alumni who inherently understand and who are willing and able to help."

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Mentoring Commitment

The RAMP program would entail: one Zoom introduction meeting for all mentors, two Zoom program check-in meetings, as well one monthly meeting with your mentee for a minimum of 30 minutes via Zoom, email, in-person, or phone.
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Other Mentoring Opportunities (if you are unable to commit to the ongoing mentoring program but would still like to be involved)
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RCDS can run a national background check on me. Without this check I am unable to participate.
All information used to pair you with a mentee will be kept confidential. It is also understood, if selected, you agree that any information shared with you by the mentee is to be kept confidential unless you deem the student to be in danger to themselves or to someone else.