Citizenship Spotlight: Students Write Verses that Reflect Passions

The 2018 Winter Choral Concert featured beautiful performances from the Middle and Upper School singing groups. The Upper School Concert Choir, directed by Mary Marcell, performed a particularly moving piece, "Draw the Circle Wide," which featured additional lyrics written by students in the choir.

As part of a classroom exercise, students in the choir proposed a verse to add to the song describing an issue about which they feel passionate. Together, the choir selected the verses by Claire Slocum '19, Nancy Linehan '20, and Nina van Vredenburch '19. Claire and Nancy sang the lyrics they wrote, and the entire choir joined together for Nina's verse. It was a heartwarming reminder of the incredible power of music to bring people together.

Draw the circle wide, draw the circle wide. No one stands alone, we'll stand side by side.

In the silence and in the cold, you are scared to death afraid to break the mold. We will hold your hand and lift your spirit high. Draw the circle, draw the circle wide.

In a world of hate, can we find the love? Can we find it in our hearts to rise above? I'll wave the rainbow flag, and I'll stand for pride. I'll draw the circle, draw the circle wide.

In this nation seized by fight, we will guide each other to a better light. We will come together standing side by side. Draw the circle, draw the circle wide.

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