Skills Spotlight: Kindergarten 'Reader's Theater'

Over the course of the year, students in Kindergarten "crack the code" on reading. They read all the time - out loud and to themselves, in partners, and alone. They read with their fourth grade buddies, who, in their own development, have transitioned from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." They read together as a whole class, one-on-one with their teachers, in small groups, and by themselves. Over the course of the year, they work up to being able to read on their own for 10 minutes straight!

All of this culminates with an exhibition of their learning at the Reader's Theater production in May. For weeks, students have been practicing reading their lines, using vocal expression to bring the story to life, and staging the story, all the while deepening their understanding of a story. Reader's Theater also offers the first homework experience at Rye Country Day, as students are asked to spend 10 minutes an evening practicing their lines at home.

All of this leads to a love of and pride in reading that is palpable and a strong foundation from which students can continue the important process of becoming readers.

Below K-C/B performs "One Brown Bunny."

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