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The Dance Program at RCDS focuses on strengthening technique, enhancing performance skills, and broadening students' knowledge of and passion for dance as an art form.


Students may choose to take dance in the Middle School in seventh and eighth grades through Physical Education classes that take place through the fall, winter, and spring seasons. In these classes students study the techniques of ballet, modern, theater jazz, contemporary jazz, dance conditioning, and improvisation. With focus on gaining strength, coordination, agility, and grace, students not only learn about the artistry of dance, but also develop the necessary athleticism to move with expertise.

In the Upper School, students may also fulfill their Physical Education credit through dance by taking a 90-minute, weekly technique class through the fall, winter, and spring seasons. These students focus on similar aspects of dance, but at the varying levels of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Dance. Upper School students may also choose to take Art Elective dance classes that meet twice per class cycle, yearlong, during school hours. This class not only focuses on improving the dancers' technical skills in the styles listed above, but also introduces dance history, dance composition, and dance health and wellness. Upper School students who are dedicated and very serious about advancing their dance skills may elect to audition for Cedar Street Dance Company, which is the Upper School's dance performance ensemble. They perform at different events throughout the year, and play a large role in the Spring Dance Concert. Students who are interested in a pre-professional track of dance may opt to take advantage of all these avenues of dance in the Upper School.

The Spring Dance Concert at the end of the school year brings together both the Middle and Upper School students. It includes all Spring Season Physical Education dance classes, all yearlong Art Elective classes, as well as several pieces from the Cedar Street Dance Company. The concert highlights the different styles studied over the course of the year, and affords both the advanced level dancer and the beginner level dancer the chance to let their skills shine harmoniously on stage.

All classes offered both in the Middle and Upper School take place in the beautiful RCDS dance studio in the Performing Arts Center.