RCDS drama experience is committed to process over product. Students are given the time to take creative journeys. They are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes, and learn that the greatest results can come from the greatest challenges.


The ultimate goal of all courses and productions at RCDS is to use the skills and art of drama as the vehicle through which students become more confident, mature, poised, clear, thoughtful, collaborative, and creative. Drama affords a workshop for students to develop presentation and self-awareness skills that they will use daily for the rest of their lives, whether in their future project work, job interviews, or simple daily interactions.

The Edward B. Dunn Performing Arts Center is the centerpiece of dramatic activity at Rye Country Day School. Built in 1990, the Center has a theater seating 400 people. Memorial Hall, built in 2010, provides classroom space, as well as a rehearsal and performance facility in a more intimate setting. Memorial Hall seats 125.