A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester, New York

Coach Directory

Madge Anderson

Alin Andrei

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Baptiste Bataille

French Teacher, Upper School

Elizabeth Bennett

Athletics Office Administrator; Coach

Joseph Blasetti

John Calandros

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Gil Castagna

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Natalie Castro

Vicki Druehl

Administrative Assistant, Upper School

Patrick Early


Frank Effinger

Clematis Everett

Dean, Grade 9; Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Pam Farber

Anthony Felice

Physical Education Teacher; Coach; Fitness Center Supervisor

Milt Ferrar

Leif Halverson

Learning Specialist, Upper School

Ron Hanlon

Social Studies Teacher, Middle School

Breann Joyce

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Nic Judson

Richard Knazik

Interim Co-Director, Physical Education

Alex Langerhorst

Director of Squash; Coach

Theodore Lawrence

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Jason Leath

Computer Science Teacher, Upper School; Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Kerry Linderoth

Director of Sustainability; Science Teacher, Upper School & Middle School

Kyle Mitschele

Social Studies Teacher, Middle School

Ali Morgan

Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Humanities Teacher; Coach

Brian O'Callaghan

Dean, Grade 5; Social Studies Teacher, Middle School

Vanessa Odenbach

Assistant Director of Marketing and Social Media Manager

Charles Ogbonna

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Amanda Popoli

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

James Puma

Dion Reid

Associate Director of College Counseling; Dean, Grade 11

Matthew Rosolen

Dean, Grades 7 & 8; Mathematics Teacher, Middle School

Joseph Rue

Science Teacher, Upper School

Brandon Saltz

Science Teacher, Middle School

Katie Sandling

Science and Engineering Teacher, Upper School

Tyler Sayre

Trinity Sells

Kelsey Shea

Timothy Silverman

Spanish Teacher, Middle School; Counselor, Upper School; Peer Leadership Director

Victoria Simmonds

Coach; Marketing & Communications Assistant

Charles Sliter

Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Jenny Smith

Physical Education Teacher, Upper School; Coach

Gary Solem

Art Teacher, Upper School

Georgette Summers

Assistant Athletic Director; Health Teacher, Upper School; Coach

Ethan White

Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Melissa Wirth

Manager of Alumni Relations; Coach