A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester, New York

Coach Directory

Madge Anderson

Alin Andrei

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Baptiste Bataille

French Teacher, Upper School

Joseph Blasetti

John Calandros

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Gil Castagna

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Natalie Castro

William Colombo

Humanities Teacher, Middle School

Patrick Early


Frank Effinger

Clematis Everett

Dean, Grade 9; Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Pam Farber

Anthony Felice

Physical Education Teacher; Coach; Fitness Center Supervisor

Milt Ferrar

Leif Halverson

Learning Specialist, Upper School

Ron Hanlon

Social Studies Teacher, Middle School

Nic Judson

Richard Knazik

Interim Co-Director, Physical Education

Alex Langerhorst

Director of Squash; Coach

Theodore Lawrence

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Jason Leath

Computer Science Teacher, Upper School; Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Kerry Linderoth

Director of Sustainability; Science Teacher, Upper School & Middle School

Kyle Mitschele

Social Studies Teacher, Middle School

Ali Morgan

Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Humanities Teacher; Coach

Brian O'Callaghan

Dean, Grade 5; Social Studies Teacher, Middle School

Vanessa Odenbach

Director of Marketing & Communications

Charles Ogbonna

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

Amanda Popoli

Physical Education Teacher; Coach

James Puma

Dion Reid

Associate Director of College Counseling; Dean of Financial Aid

Matthew Rosolen

Dean, Grades 7 & 8; Mathematics Teacher, Middle School

Joseph Rue

Science Teacher, Upper School

Katie Sandling

Science and Engineering Teacher, Upper School

Tyler Sayre

Trinity Sells

Kelsey Shea

Timothy Silverman

Spanish Teacher, Middle School; Counselor, Upper School; Peer Leadership Director

Victoria Simmonds

Coach; Marketing & Communications Manager

Charles Sliter

Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Jenny Smith

Physical Education Teacher, Upper School; Coach

Gary Solem

Art Teacher, Upper School

Georgette Summers

Assistant Athletic Director; Health Teacher, Upper School; Coach

Ethan White

Humanities Teacher, Upper School

Melissa Wirth

Manager of Alumni Relations; Coach

Jessica Zimmerman

Physical Education Teacher; Coach