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Liz (Judd) Prince '13

Liz graduated from Rye Country Day in 2013 and continued her academic and soccer career at Columbia University. Liz is currently a Vice President on the Investor Relations team at WestCap.

Liz (Judd) Prince graduated from Rye Country Day in 2013. During her high school career, she was a five-year varsity member on the RCDS Girl’s Soccer team and Girl’s Squash team (joining the teams in eighth grade). Liz was the captain of the Girls' Soccer team her junior and senior years and captain of the Girls' Squash team her senior year. Liz attended Columbia University, where she was a member of the Division I Women’s Soccer team and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Business. Liz graduated from Columbia a semester early and spent time in Israel studying Hebrew at the University of Haifa. 

Liz is currently a Vice President on the Investor Relations team at WestCap, a growth-oriented private equity firm led by a team that has founded, capitalized, and operated market-leading technology businesses for over 20 years. Prior to WestCap, Liz focused on fundraising and business development at BlackRock, as part of their alternatives investment group. Liz was a recipient of the 2020 BlackRock Partner of the Year award within the Institutional Client Business. Liz started her career at Credit Suisse as part of the Prime Finance division.

Liz currently lives in San Francisco with her husband, Kal Prince, and continues her passion for fitness, sports, and cheering on US Women's Soccer!

What was one of your favorite memories or moments when you were a student-athlete at RCDS?

My favorite RCDS student-athlete memory was Wildcat Weekend my senior year when the Girl’s Soccer team faced Greenwich Academy in a classic rivalry and heated match. The atmosphere was electric, with the camaraderie of the fans, parents, alumni, and students creating an incredible sense of school spirit and energy. This collective support fueled our intensity and drive on the field, making it clear that the fun and excitement of sports lie not just in the competition but in the fans and school support that make the games memorable and enriching.

How has your Wildcat experience as a student-athlete been influential throughout your life and contributed to your professional/personal success?

My Wildcat experience as a student-athlete and captain has been a defining influence, shaping both my personal and professional success. As a team captain, I learned the importance of effective communication, leadership, and teamwork. These skills have seamlessly translated into my professional life, where collaboration and the ability to motivate and lead others are critical. 

Effective communication is a cornerstone of both sports and professional settings. Student-athletes are accustomed to clear and concise communication on the field, which can be transferred to managing relationships in the workplace. This includes the ability to articulate ideas, provide constructive feedback, and actively listen. Additionally, the discipline instilled by the demanding training schedules and constructive feedback from coaches on the field has been a driving force in my personal success. Time management, resilience, and the pursuit of continuous improvement are values I cultivated during my soccer journey at RCDS.

What advice would you give to current students at RCDS looking to continue their career as a student-athlete?

I gained significant life lessons during my time at RCDS that have continued to resonate on and off the field. I am sharing a few of my key learnings:

Balance is key: Striking a balance between academics and athletics is crucial. Success in one realm should not come at the expense of the other. Prioritize time management and discipline to excel both on the field and in the classroom.

Define your goals: Clearly define your athletic and academic goals. Understand what you want to achieve on the playing field and the educational milestones you aim to reach. Having a clear vision will guide your decisions and efforts.

Be open minded to opportunities: Be open to exploring a variety of athletic and academic opportunities. Don't limit yourself to one type of institution. Investigate different programs, teams, and schools that align with your aspirations and values and be open to pivoting into something you may not have initially envisioned.

Seek guidance/mentorship: Connect with mentors, coaches, and current student-athletes. Seek guidance from individuals who have navigated similar paths. Their insights can be invaluable in making informed decisions about your athletic and academic journey.

Nurture relationships: Build positive relationships with coaches, teammates, and teachers and continue cultivating those relationships. The connections you form during high school can have a lasting impact on your personal and professional life. Foster a supportive network that extends beyond the playing field.

What is the most valuable thing you gained or learned from your time as a student-athlete at RCDS?

The most valuable thing I gained from my time as a student-athlete at RCDS was the profound understanding that success is not solely defined by individual achievements but is intricately tied to the collaborative effort of a team. Learning to work synergistically with teammates, overcome challenges, and celebrate collective victories greatly influenced my perspective on the importance of collaboration in both personal and professional endeavors. During that Wildcat Weekend senior year game I mentioned, despite an injury forcing me off the field in the first half, I understood the significance of maintaining a positive and supportive attitude for my team even though I was disappointed I couldn't play. Collective effort, collaboration and support for those around you (teammates, colleagues, family members) yield far greater achievements than individual accomplishments alone, in soccer and in life!

Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat!

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