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Tom Collingham '02

Tom graduated from Rye Country Day in 2002 and continued his academic and ice hockey career at the University of Vermont.

Tom Collingham ’02 started skating at a very young age, quickly taking a liking to the sport. The strongest parts of his game were his skating and his vision on the ice. During his three years at RCDS (sophomore through senior years), Tom advanced his game to the next level, and he made the U18 New York State team and was named Player of the Year for the Hudson Valley by the Journal News.  

During his senior year, Tom also played Junior hockey with the New York Applecore, which was then part of the EJHL. He took one year off between high school and college to play a second season for his New York Applecore junior team, and they won the league championship. Tom then went on to play four years at the University of Vermont, where the team steadily built momentum and was ranked #2 in the country in his sophomore year.

After college, Tom played one year of minor league hockey in Deggendorf, Germany, and for a short time with the ECHL. Tom then decided to hang up his professional skates and start working full-time for his family’s business. He is the proud father of a 10-year-old hockey player and an 8-year-old figure skater.

How has your Wildcat experience as a student-athlete been influential throughout your life and contributed to your professional/personal success?

RCDS prepared me to be a balanced person with focus on both physical and mental growth.  Being so busy as a student-athlete, I learned how to multitask, which has translated to family life, work life, and social life.

What is a highlight of your career as a student-athlete, in college or beyond?

I'd say my season playing in Germany.  Not only was it a great season on the ice, it also allowed me to travel the world.

Did an RCDS coach inspire you?

Yes, a number of coaches inspired me and helped me grow, but two in particular:  Coach C. and Coach Heintz.  They both instilled in me that a good work ethic, along with a responsible attitude towards both yourself and others, can take you a long way.

What advice would you give to current students at RCDS looking to continue their career as a student-athlete?

If you truly love a sport, give it your all.  You're only young once, so take advantage of the opportunities given. You also need to be improving constantly, and remember to avoid getting complacent.  Whether you're the best on the team or towards the bottom, things can change quickly—it's all up to you and how committed you are.

Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat!

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