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2023-24 Varsity Winter Sports Awards

Before the break, the Athletic Department hosted the Winter Sports Awards, honoring and celebrating all of our varsity athletes. It was an exciting season for the 2023-24 RCDS Winter athletic teams. Congratulations, Wildcats!

Athletics Spirit Award: Ayush Maini ’24 and Nick Vlasto ’24
Boys’ Basketball 
FAA Honorable Mention: Max Garcia-Tunon ’24
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Amir Hogans ’26
Coaches Award: Cole Denson ’24
John Sabia Wildcat Award: Max Garcia-Tunon ’24
2024-25 Captains: Johnny Gasparro ’25, Amir Hogans ’26, Lucius Liu ’26
Girls’ Basketball
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Claire Jiang ’26

Coaches Award: Brynn Coady ’24
Wildcat Award: Anika Bhat ’25            
2024-25 Captains: Anika Bhat ’25, Sydney Cohn ’25, Claire Jiang ’26
Boys’ Fencing
2023-24 ISFL Champions-Epee
ISFL All-League:
Ray Cao ’26: First Place, Boys’ Epee
Leon Zhou ’26: Second Place, Boys’ Foil
Jordan Zhao ’24: Third Place, Boys’ Epee
James Song ’25: Fifth Place, Boys’ Foil
David Kern ’25: Sixth Place, Boys’ Epee

Boys’ Epee: First Place in Tournament and Season
Boys’ Foil: Second Place in Tournament and Season
Joe Rue Coaches Award: David Kern ’25
Maureen Hartman Wildcat Award: Jordan Zhao ’24
2024-25 Captains: David Kern ’25, James Song ’25, Leon Zhou ’26
Girls’ Fencing 
ISFL All-League:
Selena Zhang ’26: Third Place, Girls’ Foil
Ishana Kumar ’26: Fourth Place, Girls’ Foil
Mina Kim ’24: Sixth Place, Girls’ Saber
Eliana Thomas ’26: Sixth Place, Girls’ Foil
Girls’ Foil: Third Place in Tournament and Season
Joe Rue Coaches Award: Caroline Snell ’24
Maureen Hartman Wildcat Award: Mina Kim ’24
2024-25 Captains: Anika Kini ’25, Lizzy Yepes ’25, Selena Zhang ’26
Boys’ Ice Hockey
2024 FAA Teddy Balkind Memorial Tournament Champions
FAA All-League First Team: Patrick Leonard ’24
FAA All-League Second Team: Paul Heintz ’27
FAA Honorable Mention: Aidan McIntosh ’24
Maria Effinger Coaches Award: Ewan Ward ’24
Stahlin Wildcat Award: Patrick Leonard ’24
2024-25 Captains: Ari Israel ’25, Aedan Pearl ’25
Girls’ Ice Hockey
All-WIHLMA First Team: Freya Collins ’26
All-WIHLMA Honorable Mention: Julia Heintz ’25
Harry Rulon-Miller Sportsmanship Award: Kate Keating ’26
WIHLMA All-Academic First Team: Grace Allen ’24, Ellie Block ’25
WIHLMA All-Academic Honorable Mention Team: Julia Heintz ’25
Gil Castagna Coaches Award: Olivia Bongiorni ’26
Wildcat Award: Julia Heintz ’25
2024-25 Captains: Freya Collins ’26, Julia Heintz ’25
Boys’ Squash
2024 NYSAIS Champions
FAA All-League: Henry Fogel ’25, Chris Mathias ’25, Winn Metrailler ’26, Angad Sethi ’24
FAA Honorable Mention: Turner Wolf ’25
Coaches Award: Angad Sethi ’24
Wildcat Award: Winn Metrailler ’26
2024-25 Captains: Henry Fogel ’25, James Murphy ’25

Girls’ Squash
FAA All-League: AJ Bodenstein ’26, Alexandra Lynch ’27, Georgina M. ’28, Sarah Rivas ’24
FAA Honorable Mention: Lily Smith ’25
Coaches Award: Yana Thukral ’26
Wildcat Award: Sarah Rivas ’24
2024-25 Captains: Melanie Asness ’25, Sophia Lynch ’25, Lily Smith ’25
Boys’ Indoor Track
Marshall B. ’28: 1000m NYSAIS Champion
All State: Marshall B. ’28 (1000m), Jack de Haan ’24 (3200m)
Coaches Award: Jack de Haan ‘24
Wildcat Award: Marshall B. ‘28
2024-25 Captains: Rahul Arora ’25, Raihan Bhuiya ’25, Esaias Gonzalez ’25, Joaquin Gonzalez ’25
Girls’ Indoor Track
Jocelyn Rice ’27: NYSAIS Long Jump Champion
4x200m Relay (Ailey D. ’28, Jocelyn Rice ’27, Payton R. ’28, Kayla R. ’28): NYSAIS Champions
All State: Jocelyn Rice ’27 (Long Jump, 55m Dash), Payton R. ’28 (55m Dash), 4x200m Relay Team (Ailey D. ’28, Jocelyn Rice ’27, Payton R. ’28, Kayla R. ’28)
Coaches Award: 4x200m Relay Team (Ailey D. ’28, Jocelyn Rice ’27, Payton R. ’28, Kayla R. ’28)
Wildcat Award: Cleo Saltz ’24
2024-25 Captains: Mary Grace Eubanks ’25, Keira Zheng ‘25
FAA All-League: Rhodes Boester ’24
FAA Honorable Mention: Harry Moss ’26
PSAA All-League: Rhodes Boester ’24, Joseph Rafferty ’26
Coaches Award: Harry Moss ’26
Frank Antonelli Wildcat Award: Rhodes Boester ’24
2024-25 Captains: Harry Moss ’26, Joseph Rafferty ’26, Luke Stronski ’25

*Students who are in the RCDS Middle School at the time of publication are listed with their first names and last initials.