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Three Teams and Nine Individual Student-Athletes Receive Medals at the Hackley ISFL Invitational Tournament

The Varsity Fencing Team had an impressive performance at this year’s Hackley ISFL Invitational Tournament, with three teams and nine individual student-athletes receiving medals recognizing their top-8 performances for the season.
Following a great showing for the Wildcats, the Boys’ Epee, Boys’ Foil, and Girls’ Foil all received medals for placing in the top three, both at the tournament and for the season:
-Boys’ Epee, consisting of Ray Cao '26, Mats Danger '27, David Kern '25, Matthew Lee '26, Raccan Shah '27, and Jordan Zhao '24, finished the season and tournament undefeated, securing the team’s first-place finish at the tournament and on the season overall.
-Boys’ Foil, consisting of Charles Fong '27, Evan Kern '27, James Song '25, Qian Wei '26, and Leon Zhou '26, finished in 2nd place at the tournament, as well as 2nd overall on the season.
-Girls’ Foil, consisting of Val He '27, Ishana Kumar '26, Izzy Romita '24, Caroline Snell '24, Eliana Thomas '26, and Selena Zhang '26, finished in 3rd place in the tournament, as well as 3rd overall on the season.
Individual awards were presented to the top eight fencers in each weapon, for their record on the season:
-Ray Cao ’26, 1st Place in Boys’ Epee

-Leon Zhou ’26: 2nd Place in Boys’ Foil

-Jordan Zhao ’24: 3rd Place in Boys’ Epee

-Selena Zhang ’26: 3rd Place in Girls’ Foil

-Ishana Kumar ’26: 4th Place in Girls’ Foil

-James Song ’25: 5th Place in Boys’ Foil

-David Kern ’25: 6th Place in Boys’ Epee

-Mina Kim ’24: 6th Place in Girls’ Saber

-Eliana Thomas ’26: 6th Place in Girls’ Foil
It was an exciting conclusion to the team’s strong season under the guidance of Head Coach Kyle Mitschele and Assistant Coaches Angela Acevedo, Patrick Early, and Joshua Rivera ’15.
Congratulations, Wildcats!