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Loaner Agreement

I understand that RCDS will loan my child the instrument to which they are assigned through early May 2002. While there is no rental fee, a $50 maintenance charge will be added to each student’s account. Students are responsible for the general care, use, condition, and any major damage caused from the improper handling of any musical instrument on loan from the Rye Country Day School Instrumental Music Department. Normal usage and minor adjustment repairs such as pad and cork replacement, and key adjustments are not under the responsibility of the student. Should the instrument be lost or damaged, I agree to cover the cost of its repair or replacement. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Electronic Signature: I agree that a) my typing my name and the date and clicking on the "Submit" button constitute a "Signature" to this form that is the equivalent to a hand-written signature, and b) I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to this form.​​​​​