A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester, New York

Student Device Responsibility Form

Rye Country Day School is pleased to offer a laptop computer (grades 3-6), chromebook (grades 1-2) or iPad (grades PK - K) on a 1-1 basis to students in this unprecedented moment, in order to best serve students should we need to rely on distance learning.  These devices are school equipment, and provided to students as part of the tools that are needed for them to complete school work. Students in possession of a Rye Country Day School device are expected to use it in accordance with the guidelines in this document at all times.
Appropriate Use
Devices will be provided to students at the beginning of the year, and they will be trained on how to login and use them.
Students are responsible for keeping their devices charged and in good order.  The expectation is that the device will be charged at home each night.

  • Problems with devices should be reported as soon as they occur.
  • Students may not install software on the devices without express permission from the School.
  • Students may not alter, delete, or copy any software loaded on the laptop or otherwise change its existing configuration. 
  • Students should save work in Google Drive.
  • A student using a device should read and agree to abide by this and all school policies, specifically the Acceptable Use Policy.

Responsible Use

  • Secure the device at all times. Devices should not be left on radiators, where they might easily fall, on floors or stairways, or placed in any other than a safe location.
  • Students should take devices home and charge them at home each night.
  • Close the device any time that it is to be moved. Keep it safe, and do not drop it or leave it in places where it could easily fall or be knocked over.
  • Since the device contains sensitive electronic components, do not expose it to any magnetic fields that could damage the contents of the hard disk.  

I will adhere to the guidelines outlined above and understand that all families participating in the 1:1 device program will be billed $60 for required insurance (the School will provide the device insurance and bill your account).