2023-24 Annual Giving Challenge

We Did It, Wildcats!

The RCDS Annual Giving Challenge raised $3,614,210 from 1,072 donors—BOTH NEW CHALLENGE RECORDS FOR FUNDS RAISED AND PARTICIPATION—unlocking $200,000 in challenge grants. We did it, Wildcats! Thank you!

We extend our deepest gratitude to the entire RCDS community. This challenge was an inspiring example of being ALL IN, as current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, and faculty and staff joined together to participate. Your support helped us achieve extraordinary results! Thank you!

Heartfelt thanks to...

  • The RCDS Annual Giving Committee led by Chairs Jennifer Kherani P'30, P'32, David Kurd P'29, P'36, and Blair Endresen Metrailler '96, P'26, P'30.
  • The Senior Gift Committee led by Chairs Sarah Coady P'19, P'24, P'26 and Blanca Hirani P'19, P'22, P'24.
  • The Alumni Executive Board, led by President Nicole Jackson Fanjul '02, P'33.
  • The Faculty and Staff Committee, who helped achieve a remarkable 96% employee participation rate.
  • The RCDS  Board of Trustees for their 100% participation in the Annual Giving Challenge and their dedication to the School.

Congratulations, Wildcats!

Missed the challenge but still want to support the RCDS Annual Fund?


Questions? Contact advancement@ryecountryday.org or (914) 925-4524.

2023-24 Annual Giving Committee

Jennifer Kherani P’30, P’32, Chair
David Kurd P’29, P’36, Chair
Blair Endresen Metrailler ‘96, P’26, P’30, Chair
Jessica Anderson P'27, P'30
Carrie Berg P'27, P'29, P'32
Jennifer Blake P'27
Christine Blehle P'34
Wendy Block P'18, P'22, P'25
Rebecca Brown P'27, P'29, P'32
Lynelle Chang P'30, P'34, P'37
Joselynn Chua P'26, P'30
Virginia Cocke P'32, P'35, P'37
Karen Cohn P'18, P'23, P'25
Loren Smith Dinger '96, P'26, P'28
Trisha Estill P'26, P'28, P'29
Nicole Jackson Fanjul '02, P'33
Leigh Geller P'20, P'22, P'25
Lynette Gioffre P'29, P'32
Joyce Guo P'29
Sebastian Gutierrez P'32, P'34
Stephanie Hirschberg P'19, P'22, P'25
David Javitch '94, P'28, P'31
Victoria Maggard P'22, P'30
Scott Mates P'31, P'33, P'36
Julie Nelson McCrory '03, P'35
Ashley Lee McGrail '98, P'30, P'35
Jennifer Ely Mellet '94, P'33, P'33
Doug Millowitz P'23, P'27
Leigh Endresen Morrison '02, P'31, P'34
Julia Morrow P'26, P'28, P'31
Richard Murphy P'21, P'25, P'28
Patty Perez P'20, P'23, P'25, P'27
Anne Pierog P'28, P'30, P'34
Lolita Platt-Higgins P'29
Christine Schlumberger P'25
Tapan Shah P'30, P'33
Elizabeth Shah-Hosseini P'26, P'32
Shami Shenoy P'22, P'25
Stephanie Stern P'27, P'31
Sterling Thomas P'35, P'37
Lindsay Thompson P'34, P'36
Melissa Mahoney Wirth '97, P'27, P'29, P'31

2024 Senior Gift Committee

Sarah Coady P’19, P’24, P’26, Chair
Blanca Hirani P’19, P’22, P’24, Chair
Aileen Burdick P'18, P'21, P'22, P'24
Susan Cohen P'21, P'24
Karen Cousin P'19, P'21, P'24
Amra Garcia-Tunon P'24
Kristen Harvey P'24, P'27
Sharon Grossman Herzog '93, P'24, P'26, P'30
Brian Pennington P'18, P'20, P'24
Stacey Simensky P'13, P'15, P'24
Lea Stevens P'22, P'24
Michele Stuart P'21, P'24
Margaret Wang P'24

Employee Annual Giving Committee

Ginny Black P'03
Gil Castagna
Sandy Castagna
Karen Cosgrove
Genevieve Gaubron
Ted Heintz P'25, P'27
Donald Kyle '81
Kyle Mitschele
Jenny Smith

Current Parent Participation


Alumni Leaderboard


Current Faculty/Staff Participation


Board of Trustees Participation