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Who do I want to be? How do I want to live?


  • Annual leadership retreat for Upper School students
  • Summer Ethics Workshop
  • Alumni speaker series

We seek to lead ethical lives in which we exhibit well-defined qualities of character and leadership.

We Believe

A student who demonstrates Leadership...

  • takes initiative and follows through.
  • makes thoughtful decisions.
  • sets a positive example for others
  • inspires others.
  • listens openly and communicates effectively.

A STUDENT With a well-developed sense of Ethics...

  • values justice and works to make the world a more just place.
  • has studied and appreciates different perspectives and ethical systems.
  • demonstrates moral decision-making.
  • understands himself/herself as a part of a larger world and shares responsibility for the good of the greater community.
  • engages open-mindedly, reflectively, and empathetically with alternative points of views and opinions.

A STUDENT OF Character...

  • shows respect for self and others.
  • understands that honesty is a bedrock of community.
  • demonstrates integrity and self-discipline.
  • understands the necessity of forgiveness, recognizing that imperfections and mistakes are part of the human condition.

Character, Leadership, Ethics