RCDS Co-Hosts Fairchester Diversity Practitioners Network Event

Thank you to RCDS Director of Diversity and Inclusion Ali Morgan and Masters School Director of Equity and Inclusion Karen Brown for co-hosting the Fairchester Diversity Practitioners Network (FDPN) dinner and conversation at Rye Country Day on Tuesday, September 24. The event was attended by 18 administrators from nine schools in Westchester and Fairfield Counties, including RCDS Director of Public Purpose Rebecca Drago and RCDS Director of Health and Wellness Priya Singhvi. The event, which is the first of four planned for 2019-20, provided an opportunity for colleagues to share perspectives and best practices while creating a strong, collaborative community of diversity practitioners across Fairchester schools. "It is always nice to see everyone and connect," said Mr. Morgan. "The spirit of solidarity we share is special." Headmaster Scott Nelson also visited with the group and expressed his support for diversity and inclusion initiatives at RCDS and beyond. The FDPN has a special joint meeting with the Fairchester Heads of School group in November. Mr. Morgan looks forward to this and the other upcoming meetings planned for 2019-20 and his "continued work with such a dedicated and passionate group."