We are actively committed to diversity and fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Alikhan Morgan

RCDS Diversity at a glance

41 school districts from which we draw students

35 percent identify as students of color

5.9 million dollar annual financial aid budget

16 percent of students are served by financial aid

6 staff members on the Diversity Team


"We are actively committed to diversity." - These words in the RCDS Mission Statement deliver the message that we do not simply acknowledge or value diversity—we act consciously and deliberately in order to create and sustain an inclusive community, a strong fabric woven from many different threads. RCDS's active commitment to diversity is integral to the fulfillment of every aspect of the school's mission, from core values of respect, understanding, and service, to the stimulation of individuals to meet their maximum potential and develop strength of character in an ever-changing world.

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Diversity and Inclusion at RCDS
Rye Country Day is actively committed to creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive school community where all members can participate fully and maximize their potential.

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Diversity & Inclusion