Students develop a deep understanding of other perspectives and of themselves.

Coordinator of Global Studies
Daniel Murray

Through our global programs, Rye Country Day School is dedicated to preparing students to participate actively and ethically in a global community and to both understand the nature of globalization and their responsibilities as citizens in an evolving world.

We Believe

A global citizen:

  • thinks deeply about issues of global significance and strives to use his/her knowledge and experience to address challenges and create positive social change globally and locally.
  • observes the interconnection between individuals, systems, and how his/her actions affect and are affected by those of others, and makes meaningful contributions to the broader community based on this awareness.
  • develops authentic relationships and collaborations with people and communities locally and internationally through cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.
  • takes thoughtful and compassionate action on behalf of human rights and social justice and understands that these issues are best approached with an empathetic understanding of our cultural diversity and shared humanity.

Our Approach

To promote the ethics of global citizenship, Rye Country Day School:

  • develops and delivers a curriculum that fosters a comprehensive understanding of world cultures, natural environments, and social and political systems.
  • requires the study of world languages and cultures, which are necessary for intercultural understanding, dialogue, and relationships.
  • cultivates actively a commitment to pluralism.
  • encourages the members of its community to explore their individual identities and cultural perspectives.
  • promotes cross-cultural engagement and learning through experiential cultural immersion programs and educational exchanges, both locally and abroad.
  • builds and nurtures local and global partnerships that foster in students a sense of respect and appreciation for diverse perspectives, cultures, people, and environments.
  • uses technological resources and training to facilitate global connections.
  • fosters environmental stewardship by supporting a variety of sustainability initiatives designed to minimize our negative collective impact on the natural world.

2019 Global Program

More information coming soon.

Past Programs



Sustainability and Renewable Energy
June 17-25, 2018



Explore the land of fire and ice to experience the surreal landscapes and unique culture that make this Nordic island one of the world’s top destinations. We discover Iceland’s incredible sources of sustainable energy through outdoor activities and visits to high tech facilities. From gushing geysers to volcanic mountains, we experience first-hand how this small nation has harnessed energy from its unique geology.

Travel the Golden Circle visiting the natural wonders of Iceland, the continental divide, geysers and waterfalls and learn how these resources drive Iceland’s alternative energy economy. Explore Reykjavik’s vibrant urban environment and get to know the quieter coastal towns of Vik and Eyrarbakki for a unique perspective on the different cultures of Iceland. Investigate a rift between continents, walk black sand beaches in search of puffins, and hike through Iceland’s stunning National Parks for epic views of volcanos and glaciers. By learning about the environment we can begin to relate our activities to the larger topics of energy and climate change. How has Iceland’s approach to energy impacted the local environment and world? What lessons can we learn from Iceland?

This course is designed to provide a real-world understanding of how sustainable and alternative energy is implemented in Iceland. We explore a new environment and develop an appreciation for a culture that varies from what we are accustomed to at home. Most importantly, we gain a greater appreciation for the way local efforts toward conservation impact the local environment and the world.

The program is offered in partnership with Broadreach, a world leader in international education. Broadreach has been leading programs to over 50 countries since 1993. All current 9th-11th grade students may apply to participate in the Iceland program.


Intensive Study of Ancient Civilizations
June 17-25, 2017



How is our understanding of other perspectives and of ourselves deepened through intensive cultural immersion? This program will seek to answer this essential question through engagement with other cultures, both ancient and modern. The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome have left indelible marks on our world, and nowhere is this felt more strongly than on the island of Sicily.

Immersed in this setting, students will integrate their knowledge of Latin language, history, and literature with their direct experience of Sicilian culture. On-site activities will include a re-creation of the controversial Senate debate that first brought Rome to Sicily in 264 BCE and touched off the first Punic war; group presentations on the history of slavery in Sicily and the slave revolts of the late 2nd century BCE; and group presentations on Roman provincial government, including examples of institutional Roman exploitation as described by Livy and Cicero. The classroom will expand to take in the Sapienza Refuge on the slopes of Mount Etna and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Accommodations will be in hotels in the cities of Taormina, Syracuse (the ancient Greek and Roman capital), and Palermo (the capital since Norman times). Students will have opportunities to compare ancient and modern cultures, discover cross-disciplinary connections, explore archaeological sites, and much more.

Participants will be expected to attend pre-travel meetings and share their experience with the RCDS community after the program.

The program is offered in partnership with The Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study, a Brooklyn-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the study of the classical humanities through innovative, experienced-based, educational programming. Paideia Institute staff will accompany the group throughout the week. All current 9th-11th grade students may apply to participate in the Sicily program; however, priority will be given to students studying Latin and students with a demonstrated interest in ancient civilizations.

El Paso
Border Studies & Collaborative Leadership
June 18-24, 2017



El Paso, Texas, has always existed between two different worlds. Because of its unique history, El Paso represents a fascinating window into the complexities of the US-Mexico border -- and the complexity of many international borders around the world. The nearly 2000-mile US-Mexico border sees 350 million legal crossings annually, making it the busiest border in the world. During this program, students will gain a multifaceted perspective on the immigration experience through partnerships with local NGOs, conversations with community leaders, and learning sessions designed to promote students' understanding of global issues, leadership and local culture.

Students will fly into El Paso and will quickly become immersed in the complex Mexican/American culture that exists in the region. The group will stay at a local retreat center outside of the city. Students will meet and work with the leaders of a network of nonprofit agencies in El Paso that provide shelter, food, legal advocacy, and other services to immigrants. Through these experiences, students will deepen their understanding of timely current issues with global and local implications. The group will stay on the US side of the border throughout the duration of the program.

The program is offered in partnership with World Leadership School, a socially conscious company and leader in the area of travel safety. Two World Leadership staff members will accompany our group and facilitate our learning sessions throughout the week. The mission of World Leadership School is to empower young leaders to find innovative solutions to the world’s pressing problems. World Leadership School's Collaborative Leadership Programs offer life-changing experiences for students to learn about global issues and leadership. All current 9th-11th grade students may apply to participate in the El Paso program.

Global Studies