Our motto: Not for Self, but for Service

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Service learning fosters compassion, self-discovery, transferable skill building, and ethical leadership.

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Our Approach

  • We approach service learning through a lens of cultivating authentic, sustainable, and reciprocal relationships with our community partners.
  • We ask students to consider what it means to be part of a community and the ways in which we share responsibility for one another, and we encourage them to act upon that awareness with generosity and empathy.
  • Through this process, students move toward deeper community engagement and begin to experience service as a mutually beneficial partnership that extends beyond the provision of resources.

Service Learning

Service learning is part of the curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Second graders create public service announcements about the harmful effects of pollution on the ecosystems within the Long Island Sound. Fifth-grade students participate in a literature exchange with students from our partner school in Kenya, and students from both schools send book reviews to each other to demonstrate their shared love of reading. Sixth-grade students use their woodworking skills to construct little library boxes to donate to local organizations to encourage literacy in under-resourced communities. Eleventh- and twelfth-grade physics students use their knowledge of circuitry to build electrically wired dollhouses, which are donated to a local elementary school where our students teach basic physics skills to younger students. Upper School photography students donate prints to a local furniture bank so that individuals and families transitioning to permanent housing can enjoy framed original artwork in their new homes. Our service learning program offers students of all ages an experiential understanding of how all individuals within a community are connected. Service learning fosters compassion, self-discovery, transferable skill building, and ethical leadership.

Community Partnership Programs

See some of RCDS's local and global community partnerships on the map below.

Learn more about each of our community partners, as well as how RCDS has collaborated with these organizations, by clicking on any individual pin on the map.

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