Code Like a Girl

Upper Schoolers Georgia Mandell, Charlotte Townley, and Cecilia van Paasschen kicked off the Code Like a Girl Club in both the Middle and Upper schools this week with great success. Twenty-one girls came to the first upper school meeting! As the students beautifully expressed, "Our motivation in creating our Code Like A Girl club was to encourage more high school females to enroll in computer science classes. Computing related fields are projected to provide 1.4 million jobs in 2020, which means that computer science is becoming an increasingly important skill for the future. With women targeted to fill only 3% of those jobs, the gender gap in technology is more concerning than ever. Or hope is that if we can provide a space and time for girls to get together in a fun, relaxed environment to get that primary exposure to coding and be able to create a supportive, female coding community, this will then give girls more confidence to enroll in course such as AP Computer Science and to pursue computer science in the future." We are thrilled to see our students take the initiative to help overcome the gender gap in technology. Congratulations!