FLL Team Makes a Splash!

RCDS's First LEGO League (FLL) Team, the "Hydrocats," participated in its second competition on Saturday, January 20. This year's theme of Hydrodynamics was met with enthusiasm from all team members, who worked many hours to prepare for and compete in three judged presentations: designing and programming a robot to successfully complete missions; making a prototype based on their research for a water filtration system; and creating a poster and presentation that reflected upon Core Values learned throughout the experience.

The team performed very well at the competition in all areas, which included a presentation of the students' executive design summary to explain how they designed and programmed their robot and a game-show-based skit to explain the team's research process and project. The team members who worked after school during fex times and on Saturdays in preparation for the tournament are: Sofia Castaneda and Natan Wiegenfeld (Grade 6), Stephen Mulderry, Isabela Pierry, Leah Steyn and Robert Wang (Grade 5), Jacob Resnick and Devon Smith (Grade 4), and coaches Joanne Ciuccio and Katie Sandling.

Thank you to the parents, administrators, faculty and staff who helped make this positive experience of learning, growth, and teamwork possible! Go, Hydrocats!