Project Spotlight: Abacus

Mandarin Abacus

#RCDSspotlight features student projects that showcase Rye Country Day's innovative approach to teaching and learning.

Class:Mandarin 1
Faculty:Joanne Shang, Gail Sestito
Project Goal:Using 3D printers to design their own beads, students designed and constructed their own abacus. The finished products were then used in the classroom to learn to count and perform mathematics in Mandarin.

Skills & Tools:[3D design, measuring skills, prototyping] Students learned how to use TinkerCAD, an easy-to-use 3D design software, to create their own abacus beads. Using digital calipers and other measuring devices, students precisely measured the dowels and the sample frame to create properly sized beads for use with the abacus.

[Aesthetic design, assembly skills] Students assembled the abacus using wood cut frames, custom beads, wooden dowels, hot glue, and other hardware/artistic decorations