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Students Attend Sustainability Through Student Voices Conference

Juniors Warren Kennedy-Nolle and Patricia Bautista, and Director of Sustainability Kerry Linderoth attended the Sustainability Through Student Voices conference, at the Town School in New York City. The conference is designed to empower students, teachers, administrators, and parents to implement systemic changes around the critical issues of sustainability.

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Green Efforts Recognized

Congratulations to juniors Warren Kennedy-Nolle and Jialin Yang on a second-place finish in the Bedford 2020 Greenlight Award Competition. Their project, "Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free" raised awareness among Lower School students and parents to help reduce idling cars on campus by 31 percent.

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Greenlight Award Competition
Congratulations to juniors Warren Kennedy-Nolle and Jialin Yang, both members of the US Environmental Club, on being named finalists in Bedford 2020's Greenlight Award Competition. Their proposal, "Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free", focuses on ways to inspire RCDS parents to reduce idling in front of the school through education, a pledge, incentives, and awareness.
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On Campus Harvest
Yesterday, head chef Jaime Cordero visited one of the campus gardens to harvest some fresh vegetables and herbs to use in the dining room. His harvest included kale, carrots, chives, mint, lemon balm, sage, and thyme. He plans to include these ingredients in salads and soups. Stay tuned to see what he cooks up!
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Summer at The ACTION Garden
This summer, ACTION students have been caring for the campus garden at 11 Grandview Avenue. Thanks to a $2,000 grant from the Whole Kids Foundation, faculty were able to put up a new fence, repair some of the garden beds, and purchase a new composter before the students arrived on campus. As part of their ACTION science curriculum, students then planted, weeded, kept nature journals, harvested, and of course, snacked. In addition, the students painted a new sign for the garden. Families visiting on the final day of ACTION were able to take home some of the produce, including kale, herbs, green beans, peppers, and zucchini.
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