Conservationist Author Visits Campus
On May 6, Liz Cunningham, conservationist and author of Ocean Country, visited Rye Country Day to share her message of hope for the oceans.  

Ms. Cunningham opened her lecture by asking the students if they felt optimistic about the future of the environment or discouraged, or if they found themselves somewhere in between. She then talked to the group about her own journey, which had led her to first pay more attention to the environment, particularly the world’s oceans, and to appreciate her own passion for spending time on, in, and around the water. Ms. Cunningham witnessed environmental destruction at many different locations throughout the world, but in her voyages, she also found many individuals who were taking steps to fight back. In one example, she described the revival of the bluefin tuna species as a particular turning point in understanding the power of collective efforts. These unwavering efforts, from individuals and groups across the world, are what give us hope for the future, she noted, and she encouraged students and faculty to be aware of the environment around them and to continue taking steps to preserve and safeguard it.

Following her talk, which was attended by over 80 students, Ms. Cunningham visited the Upper School Oceanography class. Oceanography students had recently finished reading Ocean Country as part of their curriculum, so it was a real treat to have the author visit their class.  

For more information about Liz Cunningham and her book, please visit her website at: