RCDS Participates in Global Stop Food Waste Day

The dining halls at RCDS are "Zero Waste," meaning nothing that is served during a typical lunch period ends up in a landfill. Everything is either washed and reused, such as plates and utensils, or composted, such as food waste and napkins. Every day in the dining hall, the food waste and trash created (if any) is weighed and recorded on a screen for all to see.

During Global Stop Food Waste Day, student and faculty volunteers teamed up with Flik to spread awareness about food waste. Wearing "Love Food, Not Waste" t-shirts, volunteers encouraged students and faculty to cut down on food waste and to sort any waste they did create properly.

A big thank you to Flik for helping to spread awareness about food waste and to the students who have volunteered to stand at the bins for this event.