Small Electronic E-Waste Drive

Did you know: "...only 10% of the end-of-life mobile phones are recycled in the U.S.; the residual 90% are stored at homes by users or are dumped in landfills, where they leach toxic substances into the environment and threaten the ecosystem and human health." (Source:

Help us solve this problem by bringing your old working and non-working personal electronics in to our Tech Re-Use, Re-Purpose, Re-Cycle drive during RCDS's Earth Day Celebration on Monday, April 22!

Please bring all working and non-working phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, and other small personal electronics and help us reduce the issue of e-Waste in our community!

Be sure to wipe all important information from your device. Google the device and how to wipe the hard drive, or ask a member of the CS Department for help!