Straws Screening Inspires

At the recent "Green Screen" event, organized by the RCDS Sustainability Committee, members of the RCDS community were inspired and encouraged to take action to reduce plastic waste. After viewing Straws, a 30 minute documentary that explores the environmental impact of plastic pollution, students, parents, faculty, and staff participated in a Q&A with the film's director, Linda Booker. Since viewing the film, over 120 community members have taken a pledge to refrain from using plastic straws and many more have made changes in their daily lifestyle to reduce plastic waste.

Director of Sustainability, Kerry Linderoth, was not surprised by the reaction from the community. "Straws is an incredibly powerful film to share with students because it's a topic that people of all ages can relate to and feel empowered to do something about. Students are still coming up to me and telling me about situations where they didn't use straws since viewing the film", she reported.

Please enjoy the images and videos from the Straws Green Screen.