Students Attend Sustainability Through Student Voices Conference

Juniors Warren Kennedy-Nolle and Patricia Bautista, and Director of Sustainability Kerry Linderoth attended the Sustainability Through Student Voices conference, at the Town School in New York City. The conference is designed to empower students, teachers, administrators, and parents to implement systemic changes around the critical issues of sustainability.

Kennedy-Noelle reflected on his experience, "I was inspired by the commitment and the spirit of conference attendees who gave up their Saturday to learn about implementing projects to make their school more sustainable. Carl Pope, the Keynote Speaker, had an important message about individual attitudes towards addressing climate change. Our approach to taking action against climate change is contingent on the way we perceive its effects. If we view it as a colossal problem without a solution, then our actions will be limited. It is important that we see climate change as a disease in that each aspect is different symptoms which can be cured locally."